10 Year Old Boy Courageously Saves Cat From Abuse, Builds Beautiful Friendship You Will Love

Wendell Overton of Manteo, North Carolina was walking around his neighborhood and came across a group of children between 5-13 years old that were torturing an innocent cat. They were throwing stones to the cat and kicking it with no mercy, Wendell got so mad at the kids and started to chase them and really explain to them about the bad things they were doing to the cat. He then took the hopeless cat to his home where he stayed with his mother.

Wendell and his mother helped by cleaning up the cat’s injuries before calling the Outer Banks SPCA, after the Outer Banks took the cat they named him Jackson, they kept him under medication and he was at least getting better from the injuries day by day thanks to Wendell and his mother.

Jackson was treated well, he ate good heavy food and slept in a comfort zone in order for him to recover well in his paws where he was badly hurt. The main reason for his quick treatment was for him to be adopted to his new home where he could be loved and be protected when abused. Jackson needed someone to always stand for him when he was again abused.

Jackson is so grateful to Wendell Overton for saving his life from those cruel children whom could abuse him until he dies or something. He also gave thanks to Wendell’s mother for letting him stay for a while when Wendell brought him in.

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