13-year old cat sees human, but then lets out craziest little ‘roar’ sound ever – This cat melted my heart

Say hello to Ollie. He was adopted over 5 years ago, but as he’s been aging, something has been happening. Now he’s 13, and his ‘meow’ is more and more like a tiny lion ‘roar’ – It almost sounds identical to a lion trying to learn to ‘roar’.

When they first saw him making this sound, they didn’t know if it would change, but as the years go buy, it’s been getting “grittier”… They decided to record his weird sounding meow and thousands have seen him since!

This cat is so friendly, but he’s got a meow that you’ve NEVER heard before… Just watch!

I’ve never heard a roar-meow quite like this, awwwww— Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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