14-year-old cat was so weak she could barely lift her head, but look at her now after an amazing transformation

This 14-year-old cat named Raggedy Ann struggled for most of her life. Despite being an adult cat, Raggedy Ann weighed the same as a four-month-old kitten. This poor cat was starving and struggling to survive each and every day until a miracle happened that changed her life.

Fortunately, and amazing soul saw that the cat desperately needed help and decided to intervene. When rescued, Raggedy Ann was only skin and bones, so skinny that no one expected her to make it. Amazingly, the poor cat weighed only three pounds and 15 ounces when she was brought to Saving One Life, a rescue group in Chandler, Arizona, and what happened next will bring tears to your eyes.

Check out the amazing transformation video below!

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