21-Year-Old Elderly Cat Dumped At Vet Clinic, Rejected, But Now He Discovers What “Love” Looks Like

Some pet owners don’t understand what true “love” looks like and sadly this poor kitty named Tigger was another victom of someone who could care less – at a ripe old age of 21, he was dumped and abandoned at the vets office.

They didn’t even bother to tell them why, they obviously didn’t want to have to pay money to even put him down and thought they could get away with dumping him. Older cats are very hard to adopt out and this one would have ben euthanised.

Thankfully he wasn’t euthanised, and found someone who showed him love… Watch the video!

It’s heartbreaking that some people could give up on a cat with so much love. How could anyone do such a thing – thank God for an ending like this!

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