3 hilarious cat posts that will for sure make your day

We can all use a little more sunshine in our lives. You know what’s bound to make someone smile more? Hilarious pictures of cats! Buckle up and prepare to laugh, cause I’ve got a few great ones for you.

There’s nothing funnier than seeing cats just being themselves and these three pictures are wonderful examples of that. We just can’t help but laugh when we see them doing their thing.

1. “You came to the wrong neighbourhood” 

Could you imagine walking into a room and all of your cats turn around to look at you like this? Creepy! It’s as if they were having a secret meeting with each other and you were not invited. I would definitely leave my cats alone after this.

2. Ovens aren’t just for people

This cat warming his paws in an oven is hilarious. Who knew a cat could be so resourceful? He’s clearly been watching an owner do the same.

3. TFW you’re a cat

I would love to know the actual conversation that was going on with this cat. What kind of interview questions was it being asked? What tipped off the cat to give the interviewer such a shocked look? Maybe the caption is true and he really did just find out he was a cat?

I will never get tired of looking at photos of cats with captions written over top of them. If you’re looking to see some more funny ones, check out this article! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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