31 cats rescued from Fitchburg home after resident passes away

Earlier this week, an amazing discovery was made at a Fitchburg home where dozens of cats were rescued after finding themselves in horrible living conditions. Upon their discovery, it was found that the cats needed medical attention but we’re happy to report that they are all on the mend.

On Tuesday, dozens of cats were rescued from a Fitchburg home after the MSPCA found the cats in the home of a deceased resident. Rescuers determined that animals were suffering from upper respiratory issues and ear infections, and required immediate veterinary care. Thankfully, rescuers did exactly that and the cats have now received their initial vaccinations and exams. As it stands, animal officials are looking for permanent homes for them.

Watch the incredible rescue below:

We’re so grateful that these cats are on their way to a better life. Please share with your family and friends to raise awareness.

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