400 cats rescued from a grizzly fate you won’t even believe

Early this week, No Dogs Left Behind’s Chinese Allies intercepted a truck that was filled with cats on their way to the slaughterhouse. In total, 400 cats were saved from a horrible fate that you won’t even believe. Among the cats found were dozens of kittens, many of which were just born!

Led by the Zhengzhou Animal Protection Association, this amazing and incredible rescue prevented hundreds of cats from ending up as a meal and are, instead, on their way to rescue agencies to find forever homes. Without the Zhengzhou team and all of the volunteers, 400 cats would never have had the opportunity to live a life filled with love.

Watch the heartwrenching video below:

Because of their efforts, the cats are now safe with different rescue groups or adopted to homes. Share with your friends and family to spread awareness of this issue.

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