5 common cat stereotypes that are completely FALSE

There is a plethora of stereotypes, rumors and superstitions that surround cats and we’re not sure where they could possibly come from. Sometimes, we think that people just make things up because they don’t understand the animal.

Here we’ve put together 5 cat myths that are floating around the Internet and completely busted them. Check out the list below and feel free to add with your own stereotypes in the comments below. 

1. Cats don’t care about their owners

Cats are hard to read. Their emotions are not nearly as easy to interpret as human emotions. However, cats are found to grieve dead owners and feel genuine love towards their humans.

2. Cats are less affectionate than dogs

It’s true that cats are not affectionate in the same way as dogs. They probably won’t run up to greet you every time you come home, start licking your face and barking with happiness. However, cats show affection in other ways, sometimes smaller, often quieter. Little headbutts. Closing their eyes around you as a symbol of trust. Purring. Curling their tail around you. All these and many others are ways your cat shows affection towards you.

3. Cats are not as smart as dogs

Studies have actually proved that cats might be more intelligent than canines. It’s a common myth because people tend to associate brain size with intelligence (falsely) and because dogs tend to be more easily trainable. To me, it seems that cats are just smart enough to not be bothered to do your silly tricks. Or are they?

4. Cats can’t be trained

Cats absolutely can be trained at various levels. The training process is, of course, different from that of dogs. For cats, it is important to establish a trusting relationship with the trained before training ensues.

5. Cat’s don’t need regular check-ups

They definitely do. You should take your cat to the vet on a regular schedule to make sure they’re healthy. Cats may have nine lives but they still need help in keeping this one safe, healthy and happy.

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