5 Simple Things We Can Learn from Our Cats

If there’s one thing that’s great about cats, apart from everything, it’s that they so often teach us things that we may never expect. Through our interactions with them and love for them, cats can be some of the world’s most wonderful teachers.

Here, we’ve put together a list of five things that people could learn from cats and possibly have a more enriching life because of it. Please enjoy the quick list (and pictures!!!) below:

1. Put Yourself First!

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to be blatantly selfish. But we should look at cats as an example. They always put their own needs first and that keeps them healthy, happy and thriving. As humans, especially women, we tend to always put ourselves second or even last.

While caring and looking out for others is great, it’s important not to neglect self-care while we’re at it.

2. Get more sleep!

Cats LOVE sleep. It might just be the thing they love most (sorry, cat owners.) Humans don’t need as much sleep as cats considering felines require 16 to 20 hours of sleep a day and people only need about half of that. But if you’ve been skipping sleep lately, whatever the reason, have a good look at your snoozing cat and consider if it’s time for you to hit the hay as well.

3. Eat when you’re hungry!

Diet-schmiet. Cats don’t care about fitting into size 0 jeans. They bloody love food and they eat as much as they want with no shame. While you can’t quite follow this narrative as a human, you could copy the Shameless Diet that all cats seem to follow. When you’re hungry- eat! There’s no need to feel bad for it, you need that to fuel your body (so you can play with your cat more.)

4. Be independent!

Cats are probably the most independent out of all domesticated animals. We should follow their guidance and try to be more independent in our own lives as well!

5. Confidence is key!

Have you ever noticed that cats act like royalty and, in turn, get treated like royalty? Confidence matters so put it to play. Even if you don’t really feel that self-confident, you can always fake it ‘til you make it.

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