9 Cats That Prove The Fluffiest Ears Are The Cutest Ears… Wait Till You See #4, OMG…

All cats have fur in their ears, some more than others. But the following seven kitties may just be mythological creatures. These kitties have so much fluff in their ears that they can’t be from our world!

Can there be such a thing as too fluffy? These kitties embrace their longer-than life ear tufts.

Oh my, that’s some real ‘Ear Fluff’

1_Orange_Cat_Floofy_EarsThis part Norwegian Forest Cat may be tiny, but her ear tufts are larger than life.

Long fluffs that compete with her whiskers!

2_Cat_with_Long_Ear_TuftsBongo is a rescue cat who has ear tufts that are several inches long.

My hair is naturally curly.

3_Cat_with_Hairy_EarsHere you can see how Bongo’s ear tufts curl up at the ends. No curling iron required.

Like whiskers in reverse, WOW that is long!

4_Cat_with_White_TuftsHere is Bongo showing that her ear tufts are as long as her whiskers.

Ear curlicues, how could anyone not adopt this sweetie??

5_Tabby_Ear_TufsAnother kitty who has fluffy tufts that curl down.

I woke up this way, no really… Just beautiful!

6_Cat_Lies_in_BedThis cat’s ear fluffs curl down in the same direction as her whiskers.

What a sweetheart, I never knew cats ears could have such long hair!

7_Kitty_StaresThis kitty has ear tufts that are as long as her fur.

What are ear furnishings?

8_Cat_Ear_FurnishingsThe official name for a cat’s ear tufts is “ear furnishings”.

Is that a bear or?

9_Too_Fluffy_CatMolly the cat has so much fluffiness happening, that we don’t know where her fur ends, or the ears begin!

Wow, I’ve never seen ears like this before, have you??—SHARE these kitties if you enjoyed! 🙂

Via: lovemeow

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