A Cat Adopts an Orphaned Kitten and Comforts Him in the Most Loving Way

An animal rescuer by the name Moonglade Rose rescued a distressed kitten in early October. The kitten needed immediate medical attention. When Moonglade took Opie, the rescued kitten to her home, she was worried about how Andy, her cat, would treat this young furry visitor.

The relationship between these two cats is truly beautiful and something we won’t soon forget!!!

Andy’s reaction left Rose really surprised and happy at the same time. As soon as Andy heard Opie’s voice, he came running. He then embraced Opie and started grooming him. It was like he was trying to welcome him to his new home while at the same time comforting him. Andy’s adoration for this newly found kitten really surprised his humans.

Andy must have liked Opie because of their similar stories. He too was rescued from a gas station. Before Opie came into the picture, Andy used to snuggle with Moonglade Rose most of the time. When Andy met Opie, he was happy because at least now he was going to have a little brother, one he could play with, and even hunt with.

Since the day Andy met Opie, he can’t seem to let his little brother out his eyeshot. He is always by his side and always shows him love. He has also been teaching little Opie how to cuddle and how to hunt and play. These two cats are very close to each other. They are very happy about spending time with each other. Andy enjoys having Opie under his wings. The bond between them is very strong.

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