A man rescues a motherless kitten and now, two months later he is a very healthy and playful cat.

It is very sad to be all alone in the world; without siblings or a family to call your own. Unfortunately, most cats are abandoned at birth and it is always a nice thing to hear that someone has rescued an otherwise lonely cat and has given the kitten a stable and loving home.

They quickly went to the store for supplies and kitten formula to feed him with. After a visit to the vet, they found out he was just about a week old, over the next few weeks, Casper grew rapidly, his eyes opened and he began to take note of his surroundings and do a bit of exploring; he would follow his new owners everywhere and would their shoulders was his favourite napping spot. Casper always demands cuddles from his human dad.

Check out the video:

It is surprising how much he has grown from the little kitten he was to the cat he is now. The power of a loving and caring home Casper is one very lucky cat! Read our next story here.

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