A Rescued Lamb Was on His Last Legs but Finds a Best Friend in a Kitten at Farm Sanctuary

A two-day-old lamb was left alone after her mother died. The owners who managed a large farm of cattle and crops had to put the lamb into adoption because it had no use to them, and they saw it was dying and unhappy.

Few people would adopt little or sick pets hoping for them to survive, little lamb was taken to a foster home and was given Mik as his new name, Mik was so hopeless and weak. In that foster home he got a friend (cat) whom also was brought in with the same condition as Mik. A cat (Briu) gave Mik a warm welcome and cuddled him whole night in his bed. They became so attached and as Mik grew up they played together.

Time came when Mik went into surgery for his tail and testicles, Badly done he got very sick because it was incorrectly banded and he was covered in diarrhoea, they all tried to nurse him including Briu, Briu was so fond of him in that when the lamb was taken for check-ups he would stand in the door to wait for Mik to come back.

They shared a room and at times Briu could sleep with the lamb in the same bed, Briu could stay up and watch the lamb sleep until it wakes up so that they can play together again.

They became the best of friends and inseparable and we love it. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here. 

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