A Rescuer is amazed at the Struggles and Resilience of a Stray Cat

A rescuer by the name Sara Rivers, who works as a counselor at an animal care and control center in Philadelphia was amazed by a cat. Sara was informed by her boss about the cat. Her boss told her that they had received a stray cat. Unfortunately, the cat was missing two of his paws. This meant that the cat required surgery to be helped. 

One of the nurses at the rescue center suggested that the cat must have gotten stuck in a glue mouse trap and lost his paws as a result. The cat was nicknamed Nubbies by the staff at the animal center. Everybody sympathized with Nubbies because he must have gone through a traumatic experience. After surgery, Nubbies was on his way towards recovery. However, he still had a long way to go.

Things didn’t go as planned with Nubbies. His right-hand leg had to be amputated eventually. He was then left with only three legs. One of her remaining legs was also still missing a paw. According to Nubbies’ rescuers, the cat may need a prosthetic if he is to be able to move around with ease. However, if you look at Nubbies, you will realize how resilient he is. He may prove wrong his rescuers.

The cat is very determined and has quickly figured out how to move around on his three legs. Sara was determined to adopt this cat. When she met him, she fell in love with him and she soon realized that she didn’t want to let him go.

We just love the resilience of this cat. They’re such amazing creatures and we should always treat them with love like this rescuer did. Read our next story here.

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