A Stray Cat Walks into Live News Broadcast, How the Presenter Reacts Leaves the Audience Amazed

Viewers in Turkey were treated to a spectacular sight when a stray cat interrupted a live broadcast. It was during a morning television show in a Turkish television. The show was called “Good Morning Denizil”. What amazed everyone was how the show host handled the incident.

Kudret Celebioglu, a tv host of the Turkish television program, was going about his business in hosting the show when the cat came from nowhere and interrupted his broadcast. Although he was surprised, Celebioglu managed to shift his attention to his four-legged visitor that had visited him unexpectedly. He also managed to use the situation to encourage to be kind to cats and to always take care of stray cats. Celebioglu managed to take the word “professional” to the next level.

“The cold weather is on its way and we have an unexpected guest”, Celebioglu said. “We, therefore, need to cuddle our unexpected guest, we should open our doors to stray cats. We should also give them food and water”, he continued.

After Celebioglu was done with his speech, he and his colleagues did everything that they urged people to do for cats. They gave this little stray kitten food and cuddled with it. They even made a warm bed for him. One of the workers in the studio fell in love with this kitty and so she decided to adopt it. Kindness is indeed very infectious. Watch the video below!!!

This cat not only found a new honor but also became TV famous. Its name is now Husnu. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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