A Tribute to 19 Beautiful Years of Friendship with Beloved Family Cat

This is the story of a girl named Miss KitKatt908 and her beloved cat that she had since she was only a baby. The girl and kitty used to stick to each other like glue, doing absolutely everything together. If Miss KitKatt908 moved, her beloved cat was sure to follow. 

As she got older, the pair continued to grow fonder of each other and their relationship grew. They went absolutely everywhere together and the kitty also taught her how to crawl and walk. Whenever the situation was kitty was always there to wish her luck and sometimes accompany her to any place she went, the little baby girl was growing up so fast that made kitty grow older and with less fun.

When it comes to playing video games and watching movies, kitty wouldn’t let her play alone and was always there spend time together. The pair were absolutely inseparable. 

She was 19 years old when the beloved kitty died, and now the family remembers to cherish the moments they had together. 

The hardest part of having pets is letting go and we feel so sad for their loss.

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