Abandoned Kitten Was Rescued, But Now… See What He Gets Around With His New Best Friend

This poor kitten was abandoned in the wild, trying to fend for himself, but then he was rescued and met someone special, the doggie named Jessie.  Koda the kitten almost instantly bonded and the rest is history!

Koda loves his doggie friend and never lets go, they go everywhere with each other!


Emily Aubrecht (@jessie.and.koda) took the little stray and introduced him to his best friend, the doggie!  Now they’re insuperable and it’s a priceless relationship!


“On Koda’s first day home, he imprinted on Jessie. Since then, they have been inseparable,” Aubrecht told Love Meow.



Koda loves his new friend and anytime the doggie goes for a walk, kitten bags to come along and they enjoy exploring the world together!


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(Images via: @jessie.and.koda and story via love meow)

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