Acclaimed Cat Museums Around The World That Every Cat Person Needs to See

Museums are lovely. They allow us to preserve parts of our history, display art, they’re educational and an overall peaceful environment. So what could be better than a cat museum?

If travelling and cats are your thing, then these incredible museums are sure to get your imagination flowing. Here are 4 museums that you NEED to add to your must-see list.

1. KattenKabinet

KattenKabinet in Amsterdam is incredible. Their slogan reads “Cat art as far as the eye can see” and they do not disappoint!

The lavishly gorgeous and luxurious environment is packed with art featuring our favorite felines.

2. The Kuching Cat Museum

The Kuching Cat Museum in Malaysia features modern cat art next to ancient cat art. This museum features 2,000 different feline artefacts. The museum closely and in great detail, documents Southeast Asia’s longstanding history with cats.

It’s definitely a must-see if you’re interested in seeing truly ancient cat artifacts from as long as 5000 years ago but also enjoy multitasking and would like to see some modern cat art displayed next to that.

3. The Cat Museum in Belarus

If you visit the Cat Museum in Belarus, not only do you get to look at plenty of cat art, you also get to MAKE some cat art. How fun is that? The Cat Museum also features real cats. 

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