Amazing 33 pound cat was adopted by a couple and has started his weight loss journey!

Obesity, as we all know, in humans can cause complications health wise- it can result in health issues of varying kinds and in the end seriously deplete the life span of a person. It is not any different in animals too. The cat was 33 pounds and needed to lose the weight urgently.

He was found in a shelter by a couple (Mike Wilson and his girlfriend, Megan Hanneman) when they went looking for a pet to adopt; they were immediately drawn to him and decided to adopt him. A staff of the shelter told them that Bronson’s previous owner had passed away and they suspected that the reason he weighed that much was because his previous owner probably fed him a lot of off-the-table scraps.

Mike and Megan took him to the vet after adopting him to help come up with feeding plans and exercise routines that would benefit him and make him lose weight so he’ll not come up with dreadful and fatal illness like the Fatty Liver disease. Now, Bronson is on a diet, he is on 375 calories per day, he exercises by playing with his toys and walking up the stairs to his favourite napping spot, isn’t that adorable?

He is a very affectionate, sweet and adorable cat. Bronson also has an Instagram account that you can check out if you want to follow his weight loss journey, I know I would! I am curious as to the end result, are you? Read our next story here.

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