Amazingly loyal cat refused to leave the bedside of a dying grandmother who raised him

We all heard stories of loyal cats but some are more interesting than others. The story of Trooper was one particularly intriguing story. Trooper was a cat who was adopted when he was just two weeks by Alexis Hackney and her family.

The family lived with their grandmother Whaley who was 96 years old, Whaley who loved her grandchildren so much and this love also transferred to Trooper. Everyone knew that Whaley loved Tropper a lot since they could be seen together playing all day and Whaley loved cuddling Trooper a lot. Sometimes her grandchildren were not around and Trooper was left alone with Whaley and made him form a close relation with Whaley.

Whaley fell ill and that’s when everybody knew how Trooper loved her since he stayed close to Whaley and slept next to her. What was amazing about Trooper is that he roamed the house and collected gifts which he brought to Whaley. Sometimes Whaley hard minor heart attacks and Trooper could be seen rushing to her and comforting her. Unfortunately, Whaley passed on just a few days before her birthday and this made Trooper unconsolable. Trooper did not want to stay close to Whaley’s body.

Soon after the body had to be taken away and this was so damaging to Trooper that he refused to eat and he could be seen walking around the house crying the whole time. Trooper even skipped the birthday which he loved.

Isn’t it incredible how much love our animals can have for us? Trooper is truly an incredible animal.

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