Blind Kitten, Skunky, Rescued By Good Samaritan On Vacation and His Love Changes Her Life

Four years ago, a Reddit user named Mantees was on vacation in the south of Italy with his family, when he came across a tiny kitten crying and alone. Rather than do nothing, he decided to take care of the cat while on holiday.

A visit to the vet the next day revealed that the small kitten’s eyes were closed not only because she was still very young, but also that an infection had already eaten away both eyes and it seemed unlikely that the kitten would survive.

He cared for Skunky’s eyes infection, ear infection, intestine worms and fever as best as he could, while also keeping the tiny kitten warm and feeding her powdered milk every four hours as a means to regain her strength. He also worked on teaching the little kitten to follow the sound of his steps and voice.

Fifteen days later, his vacation was over, but he refused to leave Skunky behind. Mantees rearranged his travel plans so that he could bring the kitten home with him. Now, four years since the original holiday that brought them together, Skunky still lives with her rescuer.

Now Skunky can run around the house just fine and has no problem playing with other animals.

Such a wonderful story! We just love how much time this man spent on treating this wonderful cat — awwwwww! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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