Camera catches horrifying moments when traffic ignores stray kitten, but then someone stops

Everyone was ignoring the poor abandoned kitten, but then a kind man finally decided to stop his car in the middle of the busy highway. Thankfully this kind mans act was all recorded on CCTV camera.

When everyone ignored the poor kitten, this kind man opened his heart and endangered himself to bring this kitten to safety.  It was horrifying that everyone nearly hit the kitten, but even worse that they ignored the poor thing.

This kitten’s kind rescuer Denis Degtyarev from Kaliningrad, told his story: “The kitten turned out very small, not even able to eat, so I took him to the sports school where my children were, and with the help of good people, we found him a new home.”

It can be dangerous stopping on a busy road, but this kind man risked everything to save the poor kitten who could have died seconds later… This man is a true hero… Just watch the video below:

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