Bobcat is way too friendly and had to be toughened up so she would have a better chance of survival in the wild

Bobcats are cats that are best kept in the wild and as such, they have to be strong so they would be able to survive in their natural habitat. Chips is a bobcat but she is not tough in any way, if anything, she is a real softie.

Chips was a few weeks old when she was trapped in a tragic fire accident in Sacramento. She was all alone, covered with soot, couldn’t open her eyes and had a few burns on her paws. She was taken to a clinic by the rescuers and they tended to her burns and washed her, starting her journey back to health. But when Chips got older, rescuers knew they had to prepare the cat for release back to its home in the wild. 

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Chips is learning a whole lot from them and would be ready for her new life when it is time. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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