Cat jumps on volunteer at rescue shelter and she knew she had to keep him forever

A cat instantly had a crush on a woman at a local animal shelter. The woman had volunteered to work at the animal shelter. When the cat saw her, it must have been love at first sight. The cat quickly jumped onto the woman’s lap. The cat then made his way up onto the shoulder of the woman.

According to the woman, the cat would jump onto her lap every time she put him down. The kitty had made a human friend that she could not afford to let go. The woman nicknamed the cat “Clingy”. It became abundantly clear that the cat had decided to make the woman his.

The woman also liked the cat instantly. However, she was saddened by the fact that she could not take him home until she had reached her 30 day probation period. This is because the woman was a new volunteer at the animal shelter. Had she been a frequent volunteer at the shelter, she would have been allowed to take this adorable cat.

The woman stated that if she had the chance to take the cat home, she would. She said that she would wait for the chance to be available so that she can take him home. She can’t wait to make it official and adopt this cat. It looks like the cat can’t also wait for the day he would be adopted by this woman. These two beings, the cat, and the woman, deserve to be together.

Watch the video below:

We love a good rescue story and we’re so thrilled that this beautiful cat found its forever home. Read our next story here.

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