Cat learns to open doors to go visit foster kittens after forming an incredible bond

Meet, Pokey. he was initially a foster kitten, he was found when he was just weeks old and was so helpless and found on the streets without a mother. He was very needy and had to be carried all around by his foster mother.

By the time the shelter called for Pokey to be adopted, he and his mother had formed a deep bond and she could not let go of him. She decided to keep him in the end. Initially, after they got Pokey, they stop fostering kittens for a while because they were not sure as to how he would react to other kittens. Just wait until you see how much Pokey loves these fosters.

Watch the amazing video of Pokey!!!

Pokey is so very helpful and practically has to be taken away from the foster kittens sometimes during their quarantine period. What a loving cat! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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