Cat named ‘Miracle’ born with two faces

A London family is celebrating the short but memorable life of a ‘miracle’ cat that was born with two faces last weekend. The cat named Miracle was born along with seven other kittens but with the obvious and noticeable difference, which is caused by diprosopus.

After speaking with several local veterinarians, Waite said she was told to continue doing what she was doing — keep feeding Miracle and giving her love and attention for as long as she could, and that’s exactly what she did. They didn’t know how much time they’d have together, as cats born with diprosopus don’t live long lives, given the complications of the rare congenital disorder. Regardless, we can’t help but feel the need to thank Jodi and her family for caring for Miracle for as long as they could.

Watch the video of this incredibly special cat below:

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