Cat named Morris is an inspiration, changing the lives of anyone he comes into contact with

Morris’s existence started in Helping Paws Animal Shelter in Woodstock. Morris was born in 2008 with other kittens, He was also in ‘cats for adoption list. He spent most of his months in Helping Paws because no one was willing to adopt him with his medical issues, Morris suffered from chronic eyes and respiratory infection.

Morris was so friendly and loving, he became popular with the staff at Helping Paws. Some of the volunteers kept talking about Morris’s good deeds to them and to summarise it all was how Morris had good, strong-hearted even when all his mates got adopted he did not feel heartbroken he got used to Helping Paws home and love.

Sadly. When Morris was 18months old he got diagnosed with heart problems, He suffered inside but he didn’t let his suffering get the best of him he lived out his final moments pleasing people and making them happy let’s say he lived in the moment. A vet said that when Morris was under his treatment he didn’t resist his medication, maybe he knew that, that is what will make him heal.

Mitchell, Morris new friend whom they met in Helping Paw shelter, started giving him occasionally visits, it happens Mitchell had medical issues too and this would make them so attached.

On March 15th sadly, Morris passed away, this left every volunteer in the helping pet sad most of all Mitchell, though he left everyone inspired somehow in life. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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