Cat named Waylon that was missing for months finally returns home

Waylon was adopted by Daniel Johns who stays in Goodland Florida. Unfortunately, Waylon went through a small hole on the dryer vent. Since the cat was new he thought that he was just hiding in the boxes that were at the basement, but he was nowhere to be found. Had gone missing hours after he entered his new home.

Months had gone by and Daniel had lost hope and had started arrangements of adopting a new cat.  Waylon had gone missing for a while and there was no hope of finding him. But to everyone’s amazement, he was found six months later, just days before Daniel was planning to adopt a new cat.

One day a resident of Littleton, Colorado was walking her Bichon encountered a friendly orange tabby cat but thought maybe it just belongs to someone in the area. But when she encountered the same cat in the evening, she decided to ask around if anyone knew the orange cat but no one knew him. It was getting late and cold and the resident being a pet person decided to house the cat.

The following day she brought him to Animal shelter and a quick scan of the microchip was done, the owner was able to be identified together with his contact details. Knowing this, David quickly arranged to go west and bring Waylon home. Waylon has since not tried to escape again. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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