Cat saved from being slaughtered with only seconds to spare

Huru, the small, adorable white cat seen above, recently learned that miracles do exist at the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival. This festival is known to claim the lives of thousands of stray/stolen pets, and Huru was almost a victim of the festival.

With just moments of being slaughtered, a photo was taken of Huru attempting to escape captivity and climb the wall to freedom. This dreadful story ends on a happy note, as Huru and many other cats and dogs were saved by Humane Society International and are now recovering peacefully.

The coveted photo of Huru climbing the fence has made its way around the Internet and is being viewed by millions. The photo above is from the Humane Society International’s Facebook page. As you can see, Huru has had a great recovery and is doing better than ever.

I don’t know about you guys, but hearing this story makes me so happy. It’s such a shame that there are events like this that claim the lives of innocent cats and dogs, but there are always happy stories that come out of it as well.  Love this story? Share it and read our next item here

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