Cat Sees A Mole Coming Out Of Ground, But He Starts Acting Strangely When He Realizes He Needs To Go

This cat has the strangest reaction to seeing a mole – and you can’t help but laugh at how hilarious this is! The fluffy kitty is intently staring at a mud hole that starts moving, but instead of attacking he has quite a funny reaction!

The mole begins to climb out of his hole until the cat does the strangest thing ever. The cat turns around and begins pooping on the hole! – You might think I was telling you a joke, but when watch it yourself, you’ll see it’s real, LOL!

I guess we know how the cat felt about this mole, LOL. Just watch this for yourself!

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this… This is seriously the funniest response I think I’ve ever seen in my life, ROFL!

What do you think?