Cat Sees Dog For First Time After 10 Days – He Missed Him So Much, Now He Won’t Stop Hugging Him

When Bow-Z had to go away for 10 days, this kitty wasn’t so happy.  Bow-Z was this kitties best friend, but when he comes home after being away, the cats reaction is just unreal! it’s enough to melt your heart and proves cats miss their best friends!

It’s hard to believe that it’s true, but this kitty puts his arms around his doggy friend and holds on as if to say: “Please never leave again, I’ve missed you so terribly…” Since this footage was uploaded, the video has been seen over 20 million times!

You can’t say dogs and cats don’t get along after watching this!! Just watch the video!

This proves dogs and cats can get along amazingly—This is the sweetest thing any cat could do for a best friend, awwww!

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