Cats in Halloween costumes could be the funniest thing you’ll see all day!

“But it’s August! There’s still time before Halloween!” cries the public. “I don’t care,” the choir of Halloween enthusiasts cry back, already stacking skeletons in their backyard and carving pumpkins. Here are five wonderful costume ideas for this Halloween… for your cat.

Think Halloween is only for humans? Guess again! We found some of the cutest and funniest cat costume ideas that will bring a smile to your face and get your Instagram account soaring!

1. Count Meow-tula

They already have the fangs, going full Dracula is just one step away. Add a black-and-red vampire cloak to make your cat look positively chilling this Halloween. You can find this particular cape on Amazon or you could buy some black and red silk from your local fabrics’ store and sew one yourself to add a personal touch. You can make the collar structure out of cardboard or plastic that doesn’t have any sharp edges or corners that could hurt your cat.

2. Witchy Kitty

Careful, they might put a hex on you. Make sure to keep your kitty comfy when putting this costume together, otherwise you might end up getting cursed. Now you can brew potions and cast spells with your fur baby- just don’t attempt to ride a broom with them. Cats may always land on their feet but they won’t be too pleased with you after such disrespectful treatment.

This witch hat you can find on Etsy is simply beyond adorable and guess what? There’s only two left so better grab yours FAST.

3. Purr-iate

Turn your cat into a pirate with a fancy skull-decorated hat and this costume you can buy here or make yourself. Remember, don’t use an eyepatch to limit your kitty’s vision, you don’t want to freak the poor thing out. Pirates are supposed to be fearless but, at the end of the day, your kitty is still a kitty.

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