Crazy Jackal tries to ‘bite’ a sleeping lion’s tail, but when he least expects it, his life nearly ends

Nature can have some of the funniest things happen and many people might never believe what happens without the footage to prove it. This hilarious video shows a dingo trying to “tease” a sleeping lion.

Some people might not think that animals have a sense of humor, but after you see this hilarious video, you’ll see proof that animals can have the craziest sense of humor, even if it might mean it’s dangerous.

This silly Jackal really doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s HILARIOUS… Keep scrolling for video below!

The Jackal tries to approach the lion, but realizes he’s just sleeping…

When the Jackal sees he’s sleeping , he knows he has a chance to tease him without getting in trouble, but then it all changes…

The brave Jackal think’s he’s pretty silly, but then the lion wakes up and that’s when things start going from hilarious to very serious!

This Jackal really didn’t think things through and the lion wakes up very angrly! (Better run dude!)

The Jackal can be seen running away like crazy for his life!  I think humor got in the way here, but thankfully luck is on his side…

This lion wakes and nearly getts up to teach the Jackal a lesson to never forget, but instead decides to keep sleeping!

The videorapher caught the entire thing on camera and slowed it down on film so you can see everything happening in slow motion.

This brave Jackal was flirting with death trying to tease this lion and maybe he wanted a cool shady place to sleep, but I don’t think his life is worth the trade!

This is so hilarious, the Jackal really think’s he has some humor… LOL, Just watch the video footage below:

I can’t believe they caught this on film, never undersetimate what can happen in nature  This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed happening in the wild!

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