‘Dead’ cat was buried, but then 5 days later they realize they’re wrong when they see him

This cat named Bart was hit by a car which crushed him to ‘death’ or at least that’s what everyone thought. The man knew he had to burry his beloved pet – so with a heavy heart he dug a hole and buried his cat.

It’s always a heartbreaking moment when someone you love passes away – especially when it’s a beloved pet, but this guy allowed his cat to live outside, so that was the risk he was taking… (Keep scrolling to watch video and story)

It was a heartbreaking moment knowing this sweet cat would never know what being petted would ever feel like. But never knew what would happen 5-days later. Actually it was somewhat this mans fault to leave his cat outside – he wasn’t the owner this sweet cat deserved to have!

Ellis his neighbor called him 5-days later with the most shocking news he has ever heard in his life – she told him she saw a cat which resembled Bart.  After going to her yard to investigate, sure enough it was his cat, Bart.

The poor cat was in terrible condition and went through some sever trauma. his jaw was broken, his eye was blank – it was a sad sight indeed, but despite all of these terrible injuries, bart had climbed from the grave and got out!

His little heart came back to life sometime in the past 5 days when his owner was for sure he was dead – it’s an incredible miracle that he was able to climb free from his grave!

They rushed him to the emergency at the humane society.

There was dirt all over his body from climbing out, but his amazing heart never gave up – His owner was surprised and very excited to see his wonderful cat was alive. After taking him to get help, Bart is now alive and healthy – It’s nothing short of a pure miracle the any of this happened like it did.

After the Human Society realized that it was his owners neglect leaving him outside that could have caused this, they made a decision to give the cat up for adoption to someone else who would keep him inside.  After a long drawn-out legal battle of over 20-months, Bart now has a real loving home where he’ll never have to risk being hit by a car again!

Just watch the amazing story below:

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