Deaf Kitty Offers an Amazing Story of Personality, Love, and Perseverance

This beautiful white kitty was adopted by a woman named Lu. At first, it was hard for Lu to communicate with her kitty which she named it White. White was healthy, sensitive and had blue eyes but happened to be deaf. She seemed to love her quiet world. 

Lu soon found a way to communicate to White. White figured out when Lu was calling or talking to her and it was a wonderful moment for the new cat mom.

When White was in her room and Lu wanted to enter she would tap on the floor and White could feel the vibration which meant that someone was coming.

Lu used the tapping trick to make sure she didn’t scare her baby girl White. White loved vibration so much that she would stay around the vacuum cleaner so that she would feel the vibration whenever it was in use.

Like all cats, she loved to be pet and would jump on Lu’s lap and roll over for some tummy tickles and when she got tired she could fall asleep in her lap, feeling the touch and massages that Lu loved giving her.

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