Dog is “madly in love” with the cat next-door, but then his owner writes a note when he doesn’t see her

They noticed that their dog was fully infatuated and in love with someone in the window next door. It ended up being a sweet kitty. The dog would never leave the window, gazing through the window to see his kitty!

Each day, the dog would look longingly at the window next door to get a glimpse of his special ‘someone’ but sadly he was in for a heartbreaking surprise.

One day it all changed, he couldn’t see his friend sitting in the window anymore. Instead of seeing his friend, he saw a potted plant in its place. It was heartbreaking.  As sad as it was, it was true.  After the noticed how sad their dog was, they decided to do something and it’s pure GOLD…

The image below is what they put on their window, and a few days the love was renewed! their-dog-was-in-love-with-a-cat-then-one-day-it-all-ended-but-what-he-did-next-is-pure-gold

When the owner of the cat saw the heartbreaking message posted on the window next door, she couldn’t stand the thought of breaking up such a relationship and she took her plants out of the window and replaced it with the usual cat bed.

Now the dog has his favorite friend back again and he can stand at his window looking at his kitty friend again! It’s wonderful what a true animal lover will do for their pet 🙂

The cat’s owner wrote on a note saying “FOR TRUE LOVE” – it almost brought tears to my eyes seeing this story, it’s so beautiful!


After posting the note in their window, something happened the next day… to their dogs excitement, the window was clear and the dogs favorite cat was sitting in purrfectly plain sight!

It’s true love; his owner, his dog, and his neighbor!  Some people have a heart of gold for their animals and we can’t get enough of it… This is wonderful!

Via: Ned Hardy

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