Dog lost her best friend, but then her owners came up with an adorable idea to comfort him

This sweet dog was heartbroken when her best friend senior cat named Dexter died. This Alaskan Malamute dog never spent a moment without her best friend kitty, but when he passed over the rainbow bridge she was so heartbroken.

Flora the dog was so sad she howled for days. Her sadness was so great that her owners decided they had to do something. After she met 4 kittens that her human was fostering, she brightened up and immediately stopped howling. It was a miracle of love!

After losing her best friend kitty, she’s got some new kittens, awwww… Watch the heartwarming video below:

Loosing a friend is hard, but kittens are the best medicine—  Love this story? Share it and read our next item here. 🙂

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