Dog Takes Three Daily Walks to Help His Humans Feed 30 Stray Cats in Their Neighborhood

This couple takes their dog Meli, for a walk three times a day and while they’re walking, they also take the time to feed about 30 stray cats. That’s right 30 cats. This is amazing on its own, but the incredible thing is how much the cats love Mali to the dog too! In fact, they won’t eat unless the dog is there too!

Not only does this lovely couple feed these strays, they’ve have managed to have most of the cats neutered. This really is a wonderful story of a couple and their dog that truly cares for the animals around them and it’s beautiful to see!

Watch the amazing video below:

And who says cats and dogs can’t get along!? Such a beautiful story. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here. 

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