Everyone was warned to Stay Away from this Cat for a Reason, but one loving man knew he had to help

Some cats usually go through rough patches in their lives. One of such cats is Sylvester. Sylvester had spent most of his life being lonely underneath the stairs in a lonely house in Ontario. Sylvester was really in a pathetic condition. He was covered in fleas and sores. He also had frayed ears. His ears were filled with mites.

The cat was rescued by someone called Rob Boisvert. The rescuer was working with Refuge RR. He had heard of the plight of Sylvester and went to see him. When he found Sylvester, the cat was in a sad condition. The rescuer found a note next to Sylvester the cat. The note stated, “Leave the cat alone, he’s there for a reason. Thank you.”

Guess what the reason was? Controlling the population of rats in the Cornwall house. Unfortunately, the cat was in no position to chase rats. He was very cold, hungry and tired. When the rescuer saw the cat, he knew immediately that he had to rescue the cat. He knew that he had to get Sylvester out of the situation immediately. He took the cat to the Country Cat Sanctuary.

The staff at the sanctuary received Sylvester well and took good care of them. The cat’s ear mites disappeared in no time. Soon, Sylvester’s health was in top condition. He started gaining weight. When the Country Cat Sanctuary posted Sylvester’s story on their Facebook, it quickly went viral.

Check out the video below:

Poor Sylvester needed help and we’re so thrilled that there were good people out there that were prepared to do so. Such a beautiful cat!!! Read our next story here.

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