Family is trying to sleep but it’s basically impossible when their cat wants them to “wake up”

This cat knows when it’s time for his family to wake up so he came up with a plan to make that happen and trust us when we say it works VERY well! When the cat decides it’s time for his humans to get out of bed, he has absolutely no problem letting them know!

Needing some more sleep, someone tried to close the door and keep the cat out, but this wasn’t enough… After being locked out of the room for the night, the cat got back at his humans by making them come say hello after being the loudest alarm clock ever!

This could be the craziest thing we’ve ever seen and is just too funny! Just watch the amazing video!

When the cat wants everyone to wake up the family can’t sleep in, it’s impossible! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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