Farmer Finds Abandoned Kittens Then Realizes They Are Definitely Not House Cats

This happened in Russia where a farmer one day was in his daily routines in checking his farm and happened to come across a large couple of kitten, they looked weak, helpless and were dumped by their mother.

This farmer waited for quite some time to see if their owner would come to pick them up. No one showed up, the only option left was for the Russian farmer to adopt the kittens because they couldn’t survive by themselves.

Even though the kittens didn’t look like normal kitty’s he didn’t leave them there they looked helpless, he took them to his house, groomed them, feed them and made them a warm place to sleep. The kittens had markings that appeared strange to the farmer, their ears were large and had a weird shape, it didn’t look normal.

As time goes by they became strong and stronger that made the farmer he decided to take them to Daursky Nature Reserve, they confirm the kittens to be wild and were rarely found or seen around Central Asia. In the reserve, the kittens were adopted by a normal cat which in time had to let the kittens go to the wild because their way of handling things was strange and wild.

Soon they were released and taken to the wild in Asia where they were supposed to stay in the woods in order for them to survive and not destroy the innocent in the reserve.

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