Man and his cat put in extra effort to maintain their friendship despite being separated by distance

What started as a normal human-cat relationship has blossomed into something truly amazing. Max Nimrichter adopted Yukki from the Cleveland Animal Protective League and ever since they’ve become the best of friends.

Their friendship hit a roadblock when Max had to be shipped out for services with the U.S Navy. You know what they say though: “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” That’s right, ever since Max left home, Yukki spends a lot of his time staring at his beloved owner in a framed picture of him on top of the bedroom cabinet.

Can you believe it? Max’s mom even tested Yukki by switching out photos of his owner. Yukki passed the test of course, which proves that a cat will never forget the face of its owner. Take a look for yourself below!

Isn’t it amazing? Lucky for the two of them, Yukki and Max will be reunited soon as Max will be returning from duty in a couple weeks time. You can read more about this adorable friendship here.

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