Firefighters go into burning house, discover unconscious dog, but then gasp when they look underneath him

Some people might imagine a hero as being someone who has super powers, wearing a cape, but this amazing story proves just how heroic four legs and fur can really be!

When firefighters rushed to the house fire in Melbourne, Australia, the family was all safely outside the house except one of their beloved dogs named Leo.  Unfortunately the poor dog was stuck inside the burning inferno.

They waited and waited, but after some time they feared for the worst.  Firefighters rushed in trying to find the little dog, but didn’t see anything.  Finally after searching nearly every room in the burning house, they saw a clump of fur in the corner of one of the rooms.

After taking a closer look, they saw it was Leo. They rushed in to pick up the dog and then discovered a miracle that nobody will ever forget.

Underneath the dog was something so heartbreaking and incredible it shocked everyone.  Leo had been laying on top of the family four kittens protecting them. The dog was keeping them safe until he finally passed out due to lack of oxygen.

The unconscious dog was brought back to live moments later just in time – just moments later the dog would have died and all the kittens with him.  His unselfishness saved four kittens lives, it’s truly amazing.

The family was unbelievably happy and overjoyed by the incredibly moment that just had unfolded. They never dreamed that their dog would do such a unselfish and kind thing.

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone was brought to tears after seeing what this dog did.

This story is unbelievable, it brought me to tears… Just watch the video below:

This amazing puppy has a heart of gold, who turned such a sad tragic house fire into one of the most happy endings that nobody will ever forget—SHARE this story with your friends if you enjoyed!

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