Fortune telling cat is able to predict nursing home deaths, leaves hints for doctors when the time is near

Scar is a rescue cat who was adopted by Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. Oscar used to spend most of his time in the hospital and even could sleep on the third floor, which was a pet therapy room. After some time in the hospital, Oscar developed a behaviour of making the rounds from room to room where he seemed able to evaluate the patients inside.

Oscar started having weird behaviour in that when he spends time with a patient, cuddling him or her, giving comfort, The patient will end up dead after sometimes. This took long for doctors to notice until one day so many patients were brought in because there was an accident in town. A doctor noticed Oscar moving from one bed to another and when he leaves a bed that patient is already dead. Watch the incredible video to see for yourself!!!

Doctors concluded that Oscar was incidentally brought there by the heavens in order to comfort the dying ones and not to entertain people in general.

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