Friendly cow is super interested in this cat, but the kitty isn’t so sure about its new friend

It can be hard making friends. At least, that’s the case for this friendly cow that was trying to woo a cat into friendship. But as you’ll soon see, the cat wasn’t so sure about making a new friend, leaving the cow rejected but not necessarily deterred. Sometimes a new friend is worth fighting for.

This sassy cat has plenty of personality and it’s a lesson that the cow learned very quickly when it tried to make a new friend. Despite the size difference, you can tell that the frisky feline had reservations about this odd couple but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less hilarious.

Watch the hilarious interaction below:

We just love how curious this cow is with the tiny cat — too bad the cat didn’t feel the same! Share with your friends and family to share the laughs. 

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