Ginger cat had plenty of health issues and some thought he wouldn’t make it, but then he found his forever home

Chester is a cat that was rescued to the shelter after 7 months or more in the streets. Luckily, when he was adopted, Chester could not feed, play or even sleep on his side because of medical issues that left him partially paralyzed.

But because it was love at first sight, the couple didn’t mind taking him to a vet for more check-ups, the vet tried some testing to Chester’s body and in the end, there were no changes and so they decided to change vets for another opinion.

After 4 months of switching vets, the couple found one who knew exactly how to help with Chester’s problems and discovered that Chester had actually been hit by a car or some other blunt force trauma which caused something called chronic diaphragmatic hernia.

The couple knew they wanted to help Chester so they planned a trip to Washington State University where surgery would take place.

Chester went for surgery and was in bad shape so he needed careful care and needed to stay in the ICU for some days to recover.

In total, it took 6 days of intense waiting until his release. The couple headed back home with their recovering Chester who still needed care but could eat meaning his diaphragm was starting to open up.

Chester got better day by day, he could increase the food he eats every day and could play a little extra each day, he really made an effort each day to show love to the couple and how thankful he is.

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