Ginger Kitten is Unique Compared to Siblings and Absolutely Adores His Cat Mama

Mama Maxine was adopted into a foster home and got pregnant shortly afterwards. She was well taken good care of throughout the pregnancy and even after she gave birth to six beautiful kittens. One of those kittens, however, looked very much unlike the others. 

The kitten named Xanadu was a unique kitty among his siblings and mother. She was the ginger in color while the others were black and white. Xanadu was her mom’s favourite and she could sleep with her mama all day long while others were playing.

The foster home was so blessed by the kittens and loved them all so very much. Karla, the wonderful woman who took the cats in, said that the ginger kitten was so unique and wonderful that it was hard not to care for her. 

Despite looking different than the rest, Xanadu’s siblings all treated her with love and made her feel like part of the ground no matter was.

Xanadu lived happily with her siblings, mother and the whole foster family. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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