Heartbroken Cat Refused To Leave Dead Friend Behind in Heartbreaking Video

Anyone fortunate enough to own a cat can tell you how mysterious and loving they can be. Though it’s impossible to know what is actually going on in their little minds, there is all kinds of evidence that shows how caring they are despite their reputation of being cold and aloof. Earlier this month, a passer-by filmed the heartbreaking moment when this wonderful cat wanted nothing more than to help its friend that had died.

In the Songbeig district of Heilongjiang Province, China, a video was shot of the heartbreaking moment when a cat tried to help out its friend that had died. As you can see, the cat is gently dragging his companion by the scruff of the neck, trying to bring it to safety. We don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything quite like this, and it’s a moment that we will not soon forget.

Watch the video here:

Have you ever seen anything this heartbreaking in your life? The friendship and love between these two cats is absolutely heartbreaking. Read our next story here.

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