He’s Pretending Like He’s Eating Some Cat Food…. Now Watch How The Cat Responds, Hahaha!!

Cats are just hilarious sometimes, especially when you get to catch funny moments like this!  This guy likes to play with his cat, so one day he thought he’d act like another cat eating from the bowl – the response was unexpected, and almost TOO funny!

After he started acting like he was eating, the cat noticed and says “hey, that’s my food, give it back” just watch those paws, they know how to move the food bowl better than anything else! This is just too hilarious to describe and you just have to watch it yourself.

Just watch the cat’s response below when he tries to eat the cat food… Watch the hilarious video below!

I couldn’t stop laughing.. hahaha!—  Love this story? Share it and read our next item here

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