Homeless Cat Brings Her Kitten to a Woman Needing Help, and When She Takes a Closer Look She Realizes Something is Wrong

When this amazing woman saw a homeless cat roaming around her neighborhood, she immediately knew that she wanted to help. At first, she decided to leave food out for the hungry kitty and noticed that the cat came back again the very next day. That kitty kept coming back, and before long, the woman noticed the cat wasn’t alone.

After feeding the stray cat plenty of free meals, causing the cat to become an everyday visitor, the woman started to form a wonderful bond of trust with the cat. One day, however, her new furry friend brought something along to her that proved just how much she trusted her — it was her kitten! Almost immediately, the kind stranger knew something was wrong.

After examining the kitten, the kind woman noticed that the cat was having problems with its leg. Taking it to the vet, she found out the leg was broken.

After getting the kitten all fixed up the woman knew she had to save this kitten, and decided to take it into her home, caring for him as if he had been her own all along.

Though she did want to take the mama cat too, it preferred to be outside on its own. Fortunately, it still comes by to visit its kitten and also to get a free meal. Be sure to share and read our next story here.

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